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Benefits of Cheap CD Duplication

When it comes to making copies of certain files on a compact disc, there is always a misconception and confusion when it comes to doing CD duplication. Although the concept is quite similar, the process of embedding the files onto the disc differs slightly. Both processes are also used at different occasions depending on how much you would want to save and whether you are looking at creating bulk copies using high standards.

CDwest.ca provides clients with the most affordable and most reliable option when it comes to CD duplication in Canada. Most people still prefer CD replication, but here are some points to keep in mind

What is CD duplication?

CD duplication is the act of making a duplicate of the files from another CD by burning them onto the new CD. It is the quickest, fastest way to make hundreds and even thousands of copies. CD replication is the exact same thing however the files are not burned onto the disc. In CD replication, a new CD is molded and created to be the exact copy of the original and is done usually by major label companies and other industries and companies that would require the highest possible standard compact disc copy.

However the latter is usually the slower and more expensive option due to the more precise process that it requires.

CD duplication is the faster option

When you will be needing hundreds of copies of a certain file which needs to be placed on a compact disc, CD duplication is the right choice. Since duplication only requires burning of the files onto the disc, there is less time needed to create the finished product. When it comes to burning a CD, all you need to do is prepare the files to be burned and placed the CD inside, and in a matter of minutes you can have the exact duplicate of the original CD.

The More Affordable Option

Since the process involved in doing CD duplication is easy and simple, this is also the cheaper option when it comes to creating hundreds of copies of your CD. The more copies you request for duplication, the cheaper it gets. By having your CDs duplicated at CDwest.ca you can have hundreds of copies at just a fraction of a cost. And even if we do our work double time, we never compromise quality.


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